Other Experiments of Rev. Lee  

About Computer
PIE Computer Co., Ltd. Software Programmer 1984-1987
IBM CAI Programmer 1988-1989
China Sunday School Association Senior Programmer 1991/6-1991/10
Part time Programmer 1993/10-1996/1

About Music
YIN QI Symphony Orchestra & Chorus 2nd Violin 1988-1991
Chamber of Music Department of Taiwan Theological College & Semenary 1st Violin 1994~1996
Chamber of Music Department of CSUSB 1st Violin 2004 Spring Quarter

Name Composer Date Size Remark
Aria J. S. Bach 03/19/06 2.44 Music Offering on Sunday Worship
Waltz Brahms 03/03/06 2.55 36th Prayer Breakfast
Youth Wings Wu 4.07
Youth Wings 02/25/06 3.69 Fred Birthday