Tiny Programs, by Rev. Jacob Lee    
Operating System: MS-DOS
Tower of Hanoi
Size 5,528
Usage: HANOI [#rings [delay_0.0x_sec]]
#rings: 1~14, default: 9
Size 5,700
Usage: N_Q [number [no_animation]]
number: 1~48, default 17
no_animation: any string
Size 7,400
Usage: EQ_TEAM [number [no_animation]]
number: 1~48, default 30
no_animation: any string

Windows Reg File Usage: Click -> Run -> Yes -> Ok
Speedup Start Menu Windows has a 0.4 second delay on it, Set it to be 0.0.
The effect won't appear until next time you start your windows.
Each windows only needs to use once. Use it more than once won't get more speedup.
Run DOS from the folder you want.   98   XP The DOS Prompt in Start Menu always run from C:\Windows. It is somewhat difficult to CD to the folder you want.
After you use this, you can right-click on the folder you want to run DOS from, and choice DOS from the menu it appears.
Note: 98 and XP use different REG!
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Remove Windows Messenger Windows XP Builds in a tiny MSNíC
It is annoying that XP will run 2 MSNs after you install formal Microsoft Messenger.
The link on left is to run RunDll32 on your computer to remove Windows Messenger.
Remove the advertisement of MS Messenger These two are written by some Taiwanese. They are really good.
The above one and can run multiple MSN on a single computer.