Update record of web site of Rev. Lee    
06/01/19 New: pig head 06/01/19 New: I am strong
05/11/20 Updates change to reverse chronicle order. 05/11/25 New: Religious Joke
05/11/15 New: Pray Hands 05/11/16 New: Animation Pray Hands
05/06/27 Finish background music: Worship HIM with The Same Heart . 05/06/29 Finish background music: Jesus Is The Song.
05/04/27 Hover when mouse pointer move over links. 05/05/02 Words in status line
05/04/18 Link for toggle between Chinese and English on each page. 05/04/26 Background Music is controled from the Guide
05/04/06 Fix Photo to be in the same frame. 05/04/18 Make background color the same
05/02/07 Change the photo of home page to motion version. 05/04/03 New: Category of the Hymns
05/02/01 Consensus Home page background color with Chinese version 05/02/07 New: MSN Photos
05/01/31 Add E-Mail to the Guide 05/02/01 Home page add link to weather report of USA
05/01/31 Pastoral shows weather & Link to report 05/01/31 Home page add link to weather report of Home town
04/10/26 New: No Poison 05/01/25 New: Music of 1st SB PCUSA in Believe
04/09/21 Change the 1st SB PCUSA to the new link. 04/10/18 New: Reading Book
04/08/17 Expand Left Frame 04/09/02 English Version of Hymn of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.
04/07/29 Fix the Link of Midi of Violin textbook 04/07/29 Add Client machine time in Home Page
04/07/24 Fix 2 Link target errors in Home page 04/07/24 Change background music to Skin mode
04/06/17 Add Machine date and Link of S.B. time 04/07/01 Each page has its background music
04/06/03 New: 04/06/15 New:
04/05/23 New: Tiny programs by Jacob 04/05/28 New: Tiny program: EQ_TEAM
04/05/23 Change Frame Page and Guest Map 04/05/23 Music of Believe Data share MSN Photo Update
04/05/17 New: Web in CSUSB in Education 04/05/22 Fix some minor error in Believe
04/05/07 New: page of Icons for MSN 04/05/09 Fix some minor error
04/05/03 Correct the link of Amens of Hymnal page 04/05/03 New: page of record of update